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Join the MPP Alumni Network to stay connected. Alumni Network members mentor current graduate students by offering advice on the internship and job search process and help provide field specific networking opportunities. If you are interested in becoming a part of the University of Utah's Master of Public Policy Alumni Network, please contact Beth.

MPP Graduates

The University of Utah Master of Public Policy program was approved by the Utah State Board of Trustees in 2005 and the first cohort of students started in fall 2006.









Beth Artman, MPP 2017

Alex Lorg,      MPP 2017


Emily Hampton-Berry, MPP 2017

Stefan Rhodewalt,    MPP 2017

Ashley Rush, MPP/MPH 2017




Fatema Binte Ahad, MPP 2016
Research Analyst
Office of Institutional Research, Assessment and Planning
University of Massachusetts, Boston


Robert Jordan, MPP 2016
Research Analyst
Intermountain Healthcare


Trent Matheson, MPP 2016
Database Analyst 
University of Utah Health Sciences


Jim Van Pelt, MPP 2016
Special Projects Analyst
Salt Lake City's Sustainability Department

Jonathan Clark, MPP 2016
Director of Institutional Data and Research
Utah System of Technical Colleges


Stephanie Lewis, MPP/JD 2016
Law Clerk 
Salt Lake County District Attorney


Tyler Murdock, MPP 2016
Project Manager
Salt Lake City Corporation, Parks and Public Lands


Kayla Whidden, MPP 2016
Operations Manager
Pop Art Snacks

Kirsten Elliott, MPP 2016
Development Coordinator
Hawk Watch International


Ben Luedtke
Economic, Public Policy Analyst and Constituent Liaison  
Salt Lake City Council


Maryjean Searcy Neilsen, MPP 2016
Program Director
Central Rockies Addiction Technology Transfer Center Network 


Michelle Beebe, MPP 2015
Director of Unemployment Insurance Agency
State of Michigan


Benjamin Hoyle, MPP 2015


Ashlee Kalina, MPP 2015
Research Analyst
Nevada State Legislature


Elisa Montgomery, MPP 2015
Leavitt Partners


Randy Rodriguez, MPP 2015


Emily Strong, MPP 2015
Housing Development Program Specialist
City Government Offices of Salt Lake City


Miguel Trujillo, MPP 2015

Matthew Burmeister, MPP 2015
Strategic Intelligence
Career Program - 34 US Army


Marcus Merrill Humberg, MPP 2015
Graduate Student in Strategic Communications
Washington State University


Torrey Lyons, MPP 2015
PhD Candidate, Metropolitan Planning, Policy & Design
University of Utah


Gavin Noyes, MPP 2015
Executive Director
Utah Dine Bikeyah, Native Planning Institute  


David Sallay, MPP 2015
Research Consultant
Utah State Office of Education


Vivek Prinja, MPP 2015
Development Coordinator

Christopher Collard, MPP 2015
Research Analyst
Utah Foundation


Eric Johnson, MPP/MPH 2015
Health Policy Analyst 
Intermountain Health Care


Kevin Mitchell, MPP 2015
Graduate Study
Inter-Disciplinary Center of Herzliya 
Tel Aviv Israel


Clayson Quigley, MPP 2015
District Court Program Administrator
Administrative Office of the Utah Courts 


Tucker Samuelsen, MPP 2015
Administrarive Office of the Utah Courts
Policy Analyst
Policy Institute
University of Utah



Anna Bergevin, MPP 2014
Research Associate
Center for Public Policy and Administration


Aaron Coombs, MPP 2014
PhD Candidate, Political Science
University of Utah


Florian Hernandez, MPP 2014
Executive Director
Philippines Humanitarian


Clare Tobin Lence, MPP/MPH 2014
Fiscal Analyst
Office of Legislative Fiscal Analyst, Utah State Legislature

Jacqueline Carlton, MPP 2014
Law Student
Brigham Young University


RyLee Stowell Curtis, MPP 2014
Medicaid Policy Analyst
Utah Health Policy Project


Andrew Hill, MPP 2014
Policy Analyst
Salt Lake County Mayor's Office


Jason Scott, MPP/MPH 2014
Research Associate
Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research

Matthew Conway, MPP/MPH 2014
Public Health Program Planner and Evaluator
Salt Lake County Health Department


Nicholas Dunn, MPP 2014
Public Information Officer
Utah Department of Workforce Services


Dylan Kaminske, MPP 2014
The Road Home


William Seth Teague, MPP 2014
Management Analyst
Salt Lake County's Division of Behavioral Health - Human Services Department



Kendra Babitz, MPP 2013
Health Program Specialist
Department of Health, Cancer Control Program


Courtney Lane Crisler, MPP 2013
Compensation Analyst
University of Utah


Jamie Hinsz, MPP 2013
PhD Program, Research Assistant at Chapin Hall
University of Chicago


Emily Mader, MPP/MPH 2013
Clinical Research Associate
Department of Family Medicine at SUNY Upstate Medical University under the Research Foundation of SUNY
Syracuse, N.Y.


Barbara Munoz, MPP 2013
Communication and Member Services Coordinator
Association of Utah Community Health


Sarah Wald, MPP 2013
Research Consultant
Utah State Office of Education

Ryan Carrier, MPP 2013
Research Consultant II
Utah Department of Human Services


Joseph Brennen Gee, MPP 2013
South Summit High School


Audrey Kiser, MPP 2013
Health Policy Analyst III
Mathematica Policy Research
Washington, D.C.


Michael Merrill Parker, MPP 2013
Public Policy Coordinator
Salt Lake Chamber


Sam Sutton, MPP/JD 2013
Intern Prosecutor
Utah States Attorney's Office
Washington, D.C.


Brady Wheeler, MPP 2013
Compliance Analyst
Zions Bancorporation

Sarah Clancy, MPP/JD 2013
Associate Attorney
Kipp and Christian P.C.


Jaron Halford, MPP/MPH 2013
Research Analyst
Utah Medical Education Council


Alzina Koric, MPP 2013
Occupation and Environmental Health - Family and Preventive Medicine
University of Utah


Alexis Miller, MPP 2013
Caseworker/Consituent Services Representative
U.S. House of Representatives


Nicholas Thiriot, MPP 2013
Research Analyst
Bureau of Economic and Business Research
David Eccles School of Business, University of Utah




Bradley Belnap, MPP 2012
Health Program Manager
Utah Cancer Control Program
Utah Department of Health


Titus Chan, MPP 2012
Cardiac Intensive Care Pediatrician
Seattle Children's Hospital


Malia McIlvenna MPP 2012
Research Consultant
Utah State Office of Education

David Benway, MPP 2012
Research Analyst
Bureau of Economic and Business Research


Hillary Galvin, MPP 2012
Performance Auditor II
Office of the Legislative Auditor General


Justin Meyer, MPP 2012
Law Student
University of Utah

Chris Cambron, MPP 2012 
Political Science PhD Student
University of Utah


Anna Gardiner, MPP/MPH 2012


Chad Midgley, MPP 2012
Research Assistant
HR Dept State of Utah


Candace Ware, MPP 2012
Performance Auditor
State Legislation of Utah



Gabriella Archuleta, MPP/JD 2011
Court Improvement Program Coordinator
Utah Administrative Office of the Courts


Alyson Brennan, MPP 2011


William David MacKay, MPP 2011
Senior Research Analyst
State of Utah - Provo State Hospital


Andre Melo, MPP 2011
Management of Research Unit
Development Workshop Angola


Beckie Reynosa, MPP 2011
Commercial Underwriter
American Express


Randal Serr, MPP 2011
Take Care Utah Director
Utah Health Policy Project


Nathanial Talley, MPP 2011
Programs Economist
State of Utah Dept of Workforce Services


Bryan Baron, MPP/JD 2011
Family Law Attorney
Hoskin Legal Services


Kara Hetrick, MPP 2011
Grant Writer
Community Development Corporation of Utah


Heather Marshall, MPP 2011
Information Analyst
Administrative Office of the Courts (at Matheson Courthouse)


Arik Parker, MPP 2011
Utah Clean Energy
AmeriCorps/Utah Conservation Corps


Corey Rushton, MPP 2011
Special Projects Analyst
Department of Public Services, Salt Lake City Corporation


Marcie Smith-West, MPP/MPH 2011
Marcie Smith West Consulting


Richard White, MPP 2011


Rachel Wyatt, MPP 2011
Business Analyst
State of Utah - Provo State Hospital

Daisy Bennett, MPP 2011
Corporate Counsel
Marin Software, Austin TX


Richard Henriksen, MPP 2011
Medical Doctor
University of Utah Medical Center


Holly Martak, MPP 2011
Assistant Vice President, Corporate Compensation
Zions Bank


Nune Phillips, MPP 2011
Project Coordinator
Center for Law and Social Policy - D.C.


David Sawyer, MPP 2011
Intelligence Analyst
US Air Force


Robert Stevens, MPP 2011
Vice President
Merrick Bank


James White, MPP 2011


R Scott Wilson, MPP 2011
General Manager
Iron County Water Conservancy District




Brad Bartholomew, MPP 2010
Mitigation Planner
Division of Emergency Services and Homeland Security
State of Utah


Matt Mackey, MPP 2010


Beckie Reynosa, MPP 2010
Commercial Underwriter
American Express

Ben Beutler, MPP 2010
Fiscal Analyst
State of Arizona


Scott McLeod, MPP 2010
Associate VP, Collective Impact
United Way of Salt Lake





Andrew Cannon, MPP 2009
Research Associate
Iowa Policy Project


Robert Stevens, MPP 2009
Associate Vice President
Sr. Risk Analyst
Merrick Bank


David Stringfellow, MPP 2009
Tax Economist
Governor's Office of Planning and Budget
State of Utah

Bryan Flanders, MPP 2009
Management Analyst
Salt Lake County Sanitation


Barry Stratford, MPP 2009
Law Student
The S.J. Quinney College of Law
The University of Utah


Shawn Tiegen, MPP 2009
Policy Analyst
Utah Foundation



Carrie Beckman, MPP 2008
Policy and Specialist
Utah State Board of Regents


Mark Brown, MPP 2008
Law Student
University of California Hastings College of the Law
San Francisco, CA


Katie McCarthy, MPP 2008
New York City Library System

Alicia Brown, MPP 2008
Policy Analyst
University of Hawai'i
Leeward Community College


Holly Hilton, MPP 2008
Policy Assistant
Salt Lake City Mayor's Office
Ph.D. candidate City and Metropolitan Planning
The University of Utah


Last Updated: 11/13/17