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MPP/MCMP Joint Degree

The purpose of the MPP program is to prepare students for public service careers in government, nonprofit, and private sectors, including positions that focus on policy, planning, and research. The program's emphasis include community policy, environmental policy, economic policy, and urban affairs policy. The Masters in City and Metropolitan Planning program is designed to train students as professional planners who similarly work in government, nonprofit, and private sector positions to assist in creating opportunitites to preserve and enhance community life, protect the environment, promote equity, and manage urban growth and change. The program's specializations include smart growth and transportation, urban design, small town and resort town planning, and ecological planning. The MPP and MCMP, while being distinct, have numberous points of intersection. The purpose of the dual degree is to take advantage of these opportunities for cross-disciplinary synergy.


To apply for the dual degree program, students must submit separate admissions applications to the MPP and the MCMP programs. Admissions to one program does not guarentee admission to the other. Students are encouraged to apply to both programs at the same time.


Degree Requirements

Students are encouraged to follow the Degree Planning Tool and to frequently check with their MPP and MCMP advisor on their progress. Upon enrollment, students in the dual degree program will complete the core courses in both regular degree programs, totaling 61 credit hours. This is 27 credit hours fewer than completing both programs sequentially. Students enrolled in the dual MPP/MCMP degree program can expect to complete the two degrees within five semesters if they maintain a full-time schedule of 12-13 credit hours per semester. Students enrolled in the dual degree program must complete all MPP and all MCMP requirements before either degree will be awarded.

Upon completion of both programs, students earn two separate degrees: an MCMP degree awarded by the College of Architecture and Planning and an MPP degree awarded by the College of Social and Behavioral Science.

Last Updated: 2/28/20