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Financial Assistance


The average cost of of the program for students pursuing the MPP full time with in-state tuition is $16,000. All western state residents are eligible for in-state tuition. Part time attendence is slightly higher due to semesterly student fees.

Most MPP courses are charged at The University of Utah General Graduate Tuition rate (either resident or nonresident depending on your classification). A $255.99/credit-hour tuition differential will be charged for the following classes:

PUBPL 6900 (Public Policy Research)
PUBPL 6910 (Internship)
PUBPL 6950 (Capstone)
PUBPL 6960 (Independent Study)

Students may also take courses in other departments that charge a differential tuition (e.g. business, law, public health) in addition to the General Tuition Rate. You can learn more about tuition rates and differential tuition rates at The University of Utah Tuition and Fees Web Page.

WICHE States GraphicThe Master of Public Policy program is part of the Western Region Graduate Program.WRGP makes high-quality, distinctive graduate programs available to students of the West at a reasonable cost. As part of the Student Exchange Program of the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education, WRGP helps place students in a wide range of graduate programs, all designed around the educational, social, and economic needs of the West.

Through WRGP, residents of Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming are eligible to enroll in available programs outside of their home state at resident tuition rates. Students need not meet financial aid criteria.

To be included in WRGP, programs must meet the criteria of distinctiveness and quality. Programs are nominated by their institutions, peer reviewed by other graduate institutions in the West, and approved biannually by the Student Exchange Program Advisory Council, a policy body that represents all participating states.

To receive WRGP tuition status, students apply directly to The University of Utah Master of Public Policy program and identify themselves as WICHE WRGP applicants. WRGP students must fulfill all the usual requirements of the institution concerned and meet all admission deadlines.

Graduate Assistantships

Check out MPP Graduate Assistantships

Check out the Kem Gardner Policy Institute for Graduate Assistantships. They are hiring two CSBS graduate students for 2017-18: Survey Research Focus GA and Public Policy Focus GA

Financial Aid

Financial Aid Office

Scholarships and Fellowships

MPP Scholarships

Apply for MPP Scholarships by February 15

Search the University's Scholarship Database for Scholarships and Fellowships

Search the CSBS Scholarships and Fellowships


University of Utah Opportunities


The Hinckley Institute of Politics offers two graduate scholarships - the Robert H. Hinckley Graduate Scholarship and the Abrelia C. Hinckley Graduate Scholarship.

University of Utah Alumni Association offers several scholarships. Graduates can apply for the Alumni Founders Day, Alumni Legacy, Alumni Non-traditional, and the Alumni Emeritus scholarships.

The University of Utah Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Resource Center offers scholarships and links for researching additional scholarship opportunities.


The University of Utah Chicano Scholarship awards are offered to students in recognition of family background, life challenges, scholastic effort and involvement in community activities that promote cultural pride and strengthen the Chicana(o)/Latina(o) Community. Learn more about the Chicano Scholarship Fund.

The University of Utah Center for Disability Services offers several scholarships and provides links to additional scholarship opportunities.

The Asia Center invites applicants for Title VI Foreign Language Area Studies fellowships for academic year 2011-2012. More information.

David C. Williams Memorial Graduate Fellowship

To be considered for the David C. Williams Memorial Fellowship graduate students must be committed to writing a major paper or project, a masters thesis, or Ph.D. dissertation, that focuses on any combination of: ecosystem management and long-term sustainability; agencies would work together in such a system; and the challenges and privileges of planning for the stewardship of our precious national resources. Applications due Feb. 25 by 4 p.m.






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